Taylor Rush

Who, you might ask, is Taylor Rush? They are my alter-ego! You can visit them at https://taylorrushfiction.com/

When I started writing longer stories and proto-novels, I was terrified to share my writing with the wider world. But Taylor’s not scared at all! Taylor is excited and energized to share their writing with the wider world. Taylor was happy to write in genres I wasn’t as emotionally attached to. This allowed me to practice fiction writing without the pressure of a genre that I adore.

Taylor also allowed me to keep my professional life (in another field) separate from my fiction writing. And I was concerned about my name having too many letters.

So, I hid behind Taylor Rush.

And now,  I’m stepping out on my own. But fear not, Taylor and the sweet world of the Greywater Chronicles will continue. I plan to edit all three novels, release second editions, and write more stories in that world as Taylor Rush. We should all have a fearless alter-ego!